Hooves & Nickers Rescue

Fort Myers, Florida

The Mission of Our Rescue

End the abuse and neglect of American horses and ponies by supporting owners facing hardship, educating the public about equine care, connecting the horse community to valuable resources, and assisting with rescuing equines from the slaughter pipeline. H&N believes that by offering equestrians more opportunities to engage in the sport, the American horse industry will remain vibrant, and fewer unwanted horses will be reduced.  We will accomplish our mission using funds earned through our Saddlery Boutique and Tack Repair Shop, organized equine events, and community fundraising efforts.

What We Offer

Saddlery Boutique

All profits are donated to help local rescues

Tack Deep Clean & Repair

View our repair page for more details

Hooves & Nickers is a non-profit organization

We are 501c3 Nonprofit composed of volunteers dedicated to advocating and protecting American horses and ponies. The organizer of our rescue has nearly 30 years of direct equine rescue experience and has personally sourced 180 horses and ponies from public auctions or directly from a kill buyer. Of that number, 160 were Arabians or Half-Arabians.  Most of those horses and ponies were successfully rehomed within three months of rehabilitation.  Through equine adoption, many families could afford a quality animal that they would not otherwise have been able to purchase. Creating adoption opportunities also enabled those rescue horses and ponies to live their best life. Hooves and Nickers aim to advocate to end the slaughter, abuse, and neglect of American horses and ponies while encouraging all equestrians to enjoy and excel at their chosen sport.

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